Feb. 15, 2008

Chai Found Music Workshop from Taiwan

Presented by

Hanlin Chinese Culture Association

Co-sponsors: Archmere Academy, People to People International Delaware Chapter

Location : Auditorium of Achemere Academy

3600 Philadelphia pike, Claymont, DE 19703

One time performance start at 7:00PM

Adminssion Fee : $10.00

Seating is limited, reservation is recommended. To purchase tickets, please send reservation information(name and number of tickets) to e-mail HanlinInfo@hanlincca.org  and send check payable to Hanlin CCA to the following address :

Hanlin CCA, 304 Macduff Road, Newark, DE 19711


Program Repertoire


1. 滿面春風 Overjoyed, (Taiwanese Folk Song)

           arranged by Huang Hsingtzai

2. 月琴Yueqin, (Taiwanese Folk Song)

           arranged by Guo Zhecheng

3. Deeply Attached, (Sizhu Music)

           arranged by Huang Chenming

4. Twilight Drink, (Sizhu Music)

           Composed by Li Yin

5. 夜來香 Cordate (Taiwanese Folk Song)

           Arranged by Guo Zhecheng




6. 河邊春夢By the Riverside, wondering,

           (Taiwanese Folk Song)

           arranged by Huang Hsingtzai

7. 歡樂的夜晚 Happy night, (Sizhu Music)

           Composed by Hu Dengtiao

8. 非洲玩索Playful Legend of Africa,

           (contemporary Sizhu Music)

           Composed by Tsai Hsin Wei

9. 西子姑娘West Lake Girl, (Taiwanese Folk Song)

           Arranged by Guo Zhecheng

10. Loch Lomond, (Sizhu Music)

           Arranged by Li Zheyi

11. 桂花釀 Fermented Osmanthus, (Sizhu Music)

           Composed by Guo Zhecl Zhecheng



Text Box: Chai Found Music Workshop 
	In 1991 a group of musicians got together with the goal of reviving Chinese musical tradition and finding new creative possibilities by building upon that tradition, while still protecting the essence of traditional sizhu music (Chinese chamber music). Thus, Chai Found Music Workshop was formed.
	The instruments of Chai Found are the six most representative instruments of Chinese musical tradition: the erhu, the di, the pipa, the guzheng, the yanqin, and the ruanxian. With these six instruments, Chai Found has not only sought to cultivate the traditional music, but also to provide composers to create new contemporary pieces with traditional music instruments.
	Chai Found Music Workshop has been invited to perform in several famous music festivals around the world. These include the Barcelona Arts Festival (1992), the Warsaw Contemporary Music Festival (1992), the Hoergaenger contemporary music festival in Austria (2000), the Cologne Music Festival (2001), the Biennale Zagreb (2001), the Gaida Contemporary Music Festival in Lithuania (2002), the Berlin Arts Festival (2003), and the Maerz-Musik Festival in Berlin (2004). The orchestra has also been invited to perform in front of the French Senate (2004).
	In addition to perform by invitation in international music festivals, Chai Found Music Workshop has also performed in joint concerts with various famous international contemporary music ensembles, including Klangforum Wien of Vienna and the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam. The excellent performances given by Chai Found on the international stage have created valuable exchanges between Chai Found and various international artists and groups. The unique characteristic of sizhu music has attracted numbers of Western composers to write new pieces for the ensemble. The gaps between Eastern and Western culture, traditional and contemporary, have been successfully bridged by Chai Found. 
	To read about the introduction of the Chinese musical instruments,  please click here…

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