Sword of Wisdom

(U-Theatre from Taiwan)

Open Air Theater at Longwood Gardens

Sunday 3 pm, Nov. 2, 2008

Hanlin Chinese Culture Association is proud to present, in cooperation with Longwood Gardens and Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York, and Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan, the world renowned U- Theatre as special event for Longwood Garden’s Autumn’s Colors Festival.

U-Theatre, established in 1988 in Taiwan, will perform “Sword of Wisdom”, the highlights of their international three well-known repertories, Sound of the Ocean, Meeting with Bodhisattva, and a Touch of Zen, for a 60-minutes performance of rapid-fire rhythms and martial art movements combined with beating of drums, percussions, and music from the East and West, and followed by a 25 minutes presentation.

The artists of U-Theatre abide by the philosophy of ancient Chinese Zen master that a true artist must combine “Tao” (self-improvement) with “skill” (the learning and maturity of art).  The pronunciation of the letter “U” is similar to the word meaning “excellence” in the Chinese Language, and in the ancient China, the same word (U-people) also meant “performers”.

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International Reviews …

“ A synthesis of theatre, percussion, martial arts and meditation. At times the gongs swell like a wave rising from the deep, then ebb as the decay of the note reverberates around the auditorium. Lightly tapped, repetitive phrases build into rapid-fire rhythms to evoke the pitter-patter of raindrops build into a downpour.”  –The Times, London, UK.

“A great and complex beauty to the drumming, sounds and silence and simple beats and intricate meshes of precisely articulated rhythms.” –The New York Times, N.Y.

“…(it) bridges Chinese Opera, with its sober splendor, with the modern theatre of Grotowski, with its emphasis on rigorous performer training.” –Liberation, Paris, France.

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This program is made possible by Longwood Gardens,  Taipei Cultural Center of TECO in New York, and Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan, and other grants.

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